Rules & Regulations

“Stanisława” Guesthouse (ul. Jana Pawła II 356, Biały Dunajec)

  • Lights out from 10.00 p.m. until 6.00 a.m. in the morning,
  • hotel night from 2.00 p.m. until 12.00 p.m. next day,
  • smoking and drinking is forbidden for children and school teenagers of all ages
  • smoking is forbidden in rooms and on top floors due to high risk of fire,
  • it is allowed to use the household equipment and devices within the facility only upon owner’s prior approval; it applies to: kitchen, kitchen appliances and equipment, tennis and pool table, fireplace, barbecue hut, setting up an outside fire, using basketball and volleyball court and audio-video equipment,
  • any persons under 18 yrs of age are allowed to use the above-mentioned items only if supervised by their counselors or parents,
  • it is forbidden to move furniture and beds without owner’s prior approval,
  • please be especially careful when opening the roof windows (it is only possible to open them a little, never vertically towards the roof).
  • When leaving a room please remember to close the windows (it is fine however to leave an open casement) due to the rain and strong winds,
  • running and banging on the doors is forbidden,
  • it is not allowed to use any kind of tourist and electric heaters or camp stoves inside the building
  • we settle all the payments on the first day of arrival of our guests,
  • the advance money can be put forward (rescheduled) on another day only after prior contact with the owners. We do not return the advance money.

We should kindly ask you remember about the following:

  • feel free to use our kitchen and dining room,
  • wear the house footwear (slippers) inside the building,
  • keep rooms, toilets and bathrooms tidy
  • use the owners’ property such e.g. household appliances in the appropriate way,
  • inform the owners immediately about any current breakdowns and malfunctions,
  • put on (when arriving) and take off (when leaving) all the bedclothes,
  • come for meals on time,
  • leave food, dishes and cutlery in canteen.

Important! During snowfalls we do not sprinkle sidewalks with salt or sand due to ecological reasons. Therefore please be very careful and wear proper footwear. School attendants, supervisors and social workers are responsible for ensuring that kids and pupils in their charge observe the above regulations.

Stanisława Papież

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